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Recreational Adult-Use Cannabis Starting July 1, 2023

How can I buy cannabis products? What products can I purchase?

  • Starting July 1, licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in the State will be able to sell to anyone older than 21 years of age if they choose to convert their license. Cannabis products are subject to a 9 % sales tax (the same as alcohol). (GreenLabs has converted their license)
  • A person may purchase cannabis or cannabis products from a licensed dispensary if they display a government-issued photo ID at the point of sale that demonstrates they are 21 years or older. Individuals will only be able to purchase up to the personal use amount authorized under law.
  • Recreational cannabis guests can purchase Flower, Vape Cartridges, and edibles 10mg per serving or 100mg per pack.   

How much cannabis will I legally be able to possess?

  • Adults 21 years and older will be able to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, up to 12 grams of concentrated cannabis; or a total amount of cannabis products that does not exceed 750 mg of THC. This is known as the "personal use amount."

Will military be exempt from the age requirement, i.e., can they purchase at age 18?

  • No, members of the military are not exempt. Only persons aged 21 years or older may use or possess non-medical cannabis. Other federal restrictions on the use or possession of cannabis may apply to members of the military.​

Can I travel outside of Maryland with cannabis?

  • No. Cannabis remains illegal under federal law, and you may not carry or transport cannabis over state lines. It remains illegal to leave (or enter) Maryland with any cannabis products--medical or adult use (non-medical) products. Mailing cannabis in or out of the State is illegal.

How will legalization of adult-use cannabis impact the medical cannabis program?

  • The new law does not directly impact the medical cannabis program. Patients may continue to obtain medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries, and individuals 18 years or older may register to participate in the program. The new law specifically establishes patient-only operating hours, product availability, and other accommodations to ensure that registered patients continue to be able to access necessary medication. (GreenLabs will have a dedicated line for medical patients to cut down on wait times.)

Dispensary Questions:

What are your store hours?

  • Our hours of operation are Monday - Sunday from 10 AM - 8 PM EST.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?

  • No. We only accept cash.

Do you have an ATM on-site?

  • Yes! We have an ATM in our dispensary you can use for purchases.

What are your deals?

  • Deals vary daily with inventory and seasonality. We encourage you to sign up for our emails and text message alerts, as new deals, products, and strains will be emailed weekly.

Do you have a veteran or a military discount?

  • GreenLabs salutes all military service members and proudly honors them with a 20% discount on purchases with a valid photo ID. Valid identification includes:
  • A military or Department of Defense ID card.
  • A VA ID card.
  • A driver's license with "Veteran" printed or a copy of a DD-214.
  • Deals, clearance, and sale items are excluded from this discount.

What brands and products do you carry at the dispensary?

  • GreenLabs currently carries flower, concentrates, ingestibles, edibles, topicals, vapes, pre-rolls, blunts, accessories, glassware, and apparel from nationally recognized brands such as Jerome Baker, Sheldon Black, Cheech & Chong, PAX, Linx, Ooze, and so much more!

What is required for me to be able to buy cannabis products in the store?

  • To purchase cannabis products in our store or anywhere in Maryland before July 1st, 2023, you must have a valid Maryland-issued medical card. A card is easy to obtain. Start the process by learning more at https://greenlabsmd.com/pages/how-to-become-a-patient.
  • July 1st, 2023, and on GreenLabs will be open for adult use of recreational cannabis. To purchase recreational cannabis in Maryland, A government-issued identification card is required.
  • State driver's license; U.S. passport; U.S. passport card;  Non-driver's state photo ID card; Foreign passport; U.S. military ID card; and Tribal card.
  • A government-issued photo identification card does not include a student identification card issued by a public institution or university   

I am out-of-state but have a state-issued cannabis card. Will you accept that in your store?

  • Unfortunately, no. Maryland does not recognize cannabis cards from other states.

Can I purchase non-cannabis items in the store if I don't have my medical card?

  • You can purchase non-cannabis items such as lighters, glassware, bongs, dab rigs, rolling papers, and apparel.

I am a caregiver. Can I buy cannabis on behalf of my patient? How do I do that?

  • If you are a registered caregiver for a patient, then yes, you can purchase cannabis for your registered patient in the state of Maryland. If you're a caregiver or are interested in becoming a caregiver who would like to purchase cannabis for a patient, please visit https://mmcc.maryland.gov/Pages/caregivers.aspx for more information.

I am traveling outside of Maryland. Can I travel with my medical cannabis?

  • No, it is not advised to travel with your medical cannabis outside the state of Maryland. Federal law prohibits using, cultivating, transporting, and selling marijuana. 

I am interested in working at GreenLabs. How do I apply?

Do you accept returns from purchases made in-store?

  • We accept returns for apparel and accessories. We recommend holding onto all manufacturer packaging and your receipt for 30 days after purchase. Items purchased from dealers or resellers (not directly from GreenLabs) are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange. Flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, vapes, and pre-rolls do not qualify for return as all sales are final.

Where can I sign up to receive emails from GreenLabs?

  • To stay in the know with the latest deals, events, new products, blogs, and more, you can sign up to receive emails here!


MCA Questions:

How Do I Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card?

  • Becoming a patient in Maryland is easy and can be done with three easy steps! Visit bit.ly/GreenLabsPatient to register. Once you have verified your email address with One Stop, fill out the Adult Patient Registration.
  • For more instructions on becoming a patient in the state of Maryland, click here.

What is a Caregiver?

  • A caregiver is a person who can purchase medical cannabis from a licensed Maryland dispensary on behalf of their designated patient(s) and transport the legally obtained medical cannabis to the patient(s). Once registered, a caregiver must obtain a valid MMCC Caregiver ID Card and may serve a maximum of five (5) registered patients simultaneously.

How Do I Become A Caregiver?

  • Becoming a caregiver is just as easy as becoming a patient! Visit One Stop to register. Once you have verified your email address with One Stop, fill out the Adult Caregiver Registration.

Product Questions: 

What Are Concentrates?

  • Concentrates are oils from the cannabis plant and come in various textures. Concentrates are more potent than flower and typically have a higher terpene and cannabinoids profile which is why concentrates have higher THC percentages than flower.

What Are Tinctures?

  • Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts—essentially, cannabis-infused alcohol. Tinctures were the main form of cannabis medicine until the United States enacted cannabis prohibition. They're a great entry point for recreational and medical consumers looking to ease into smokeless consumption methods. Tinctures are ingested sublingually and are typically ingested under the tongue. They also can be added to beverages.

What Are ingestibles?

  • Ingestibles, also known as edibles, are something you can ingest that is infused with cannabis, such as chews, drinks, capsules, etc. Ingestibles are typically gummy-like in texture and can be found in varying CBD: THC ratios and just THC.


GreenLabs Events, Pop-Ups & Education:

What are the benefits of in-store pop-ups?

  • In-store pop-ups allow us to form strong relationships with brand ambassadors and patients. By answering questions and sharing our knowledge of the brand, we can encourage brand awareness and increase awareness about GreenLabs and our products.

Are the in-store pop-ups free?

  • Yes, all in-store pop-ups are free.


How can I schedule an event pop-up with GreenLabs?

  • Please get in touch with our COO and Marketing Director if you'd like to schedule a pop-up with GreenLabs. You can do so by emailing them here or by filling out this request form here.


If you still have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us here or at 410-624-5520.