How To Become a Patient in Maryland

Have you ever considered using medical cannabis for your daily routine? Research has shown that medical cannabis can help with anxiety, depression, cancer, chronic pain and so much more.

Become a patient in the state of Maryland and visit us at GreenLabs for all of your medical needs! Below are the three easy steps for becoming a patient. 

Step 1: Register
Visit to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Once you have verified your email address with OneStop, fill out the Adult Patient Registration from the link provided.

Please note there is a $50 registration fee. 

Step 2: Provider
After you have received MMCC approval, patients must obtain a valid certification from a provider registered with the MMCC.

Please note this process can take up to 45 days or more.


Step 3: Approved
After registering and obtaining valid certification, patients are able to visit, and purchase from GreenLabs!

Please give us a call at: 410-624-5520 if you need any assistance or have any questions!