Enjoying Cannabis Discreetly During the Holidays

Whether you're home or traveling for the holidays, it can be a stressful time. At GreenLabs, we often get asked about consuming cannabis and the laws about traveling with cannabis to visit family for the holidays. Read on below to get your questions answered about enjoying cannabis during the holidays.

If you're spending the holidays at home, you may need a backup plan for all of your medicating needs. Review some of the scenarios and solutions we have below for you.

It's important to note that there are rules with the Maryland Marijuana Cannabis Commission about traveling with cannabis. It's imperative that you read the laws in Maryland about the use of cannabis. Yes you can travel with cannabis in the state of Maryland, however it's federally illegal to cross state lines with cannabis. For more information regarding the cannabis laws, you can review them here.

Scenario: Visiting the In-Laws

During vacations, there's bound to be a scheduled visit to the in-laws. There are a few ways to ease your stress and in a discreetly manner.

Solution 1:
 Consider trying tinctures! Tinctures are usually the size of a palm-size product that conveniently can fit in your pocket, purse, or handbag. They can be dispensed as needed with a dropper that has dosage lines so you can see how much you're using. Because the tincture oil can either be absorbed under your tongue or in a beverage, the effects can be more onset.

Solution 2: If tinctures aren't for you, then consider incorporating ingestibles. Most ingestible containers can fit in your pocket, purse or handbag just like tinctures. We highly suggest that you give yourself at least an hour for the effects to set in before you ingest more cannabis as well.

Solution 3: Or if you prefer smoking, try using a vape cartridge or disposable vape pen. It's a quick and easy way to help take the edge off. Before entering your in-laws home, take a moment for yourself - stay in the driveway and medicate! Another discreet way to medicate through your visit would be to offer to take out the trash, or run out for an missed item at the store!

Scenario: Winter Vacation / Holiday Staycation

Keep it local and book a nice getaway! Book a cannabis-friendly private residence in the state of Maryland. 

Solution 1: If you prefer smoking or vaping, enjoy a nice session on the back deck, yard, or patio. Medicate and relax with a great view!

No big plans this holiday season? No problem! Host you own fancy holiday get-together or dinner party and invite guest over for festively fun high-times. 

Solution 1:
 Try baking your own edibles with cannabis-infused cooking oils and or butter. Making your own cannabutter is super easy! You can make cannabutter in a crockpot, or even on the stovetop. Any recipe that calls for butter, you can replace it with cannabutter. It's a great way to enjoy some of your favorite foods with some medical benefits as well! WIth so many different cooking ingredients and recipes available, there's nothing you can't cook up for a high time this holiday season.

Scenario: Winter Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, rest-assured that there are many ways to discreetly consume cannabis in this upcoming season.

Solution 1: If you must smoke, the most obvious thing you can do is to leave the house and medicate where you can be alone. We suggest trying out a pre-roll for your smoking needs. All pre-rolls are in small packaging as well which is easier to put in a purse, small bag, or backpack. Carry some gum and perfume because if you're at a family members house, you may not want to smell like cannabis!

Solution 2: Try out some tinctures, THC beverage enhancers or elixirs. If members in your family enjoy a cocktail around the holidays, opt-out and make your own cannabis infused mocktail! Per the product's instructions, add the tincture, THC beverage enhancers or elixirs to your sparking water, coffee, tea, or water to enjoy a nice cannabis infused beverage without anyone knowing!

Solution 3: Another solution would be ingestibles. We highly suggest that you give yourself at least an hour for the effects to set in before you ingest more cannabis as well.

Solution 4: Lastly, instead of smoking, tinctures, or ingestibles aren't for you, then the last discreet option would be a disposable vape cartridge or pen. Because the pens are vapor, there's no need to worry about an odor! 

Scenario: Romantic Getaway

Treat your favorite person to a vacation filled with romance, relaxation, and some quality cannabis love. 

Solution 1: Try out some cannabis infused topical products for massages! It's a great and effective way to ease tired muscles and joints. While topical cannabis products like oils, lotions, and creams don't provide the typical "high" effect, it does soak through the skin for a numbing and relaxing sensation - plus it's discreet to travel with.

Solution 2: Make some delicious and romantic mocktails! Use your mixology skills and make a cannabis infused mocktail with some elixirs or THC beverage enhancers. It's a great way to toast to each other and unwind.

Solution 3: Lastly, if you are looking to vape or smoke, we recommend packing a vaporizer with you. This product decreases the smell, allowing you to discreetly vape with no one the wiser.

So no matter where you go, who you see, or what you do, understand that you can discreetly enjoy cannabis at your leisure to fully embrace the holiday cheer. 

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