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ROOR - 18'' Zumo Water Pipe

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The ROOR 18'' Zumo water pipe is a perfect heady piece for any ROOR collector. This water pipe is made from the finest quality borosilicate glass available and comes signed by each artist that assembles the pieces.  ROOR bares one of the most recognized glass brands in the world and comes with tag of authentication.

ROOR is some of the finest quality hand-blown glass water pipes in the world. ROOR water pipes are manufactured in Germany by world-renowned glass blower Martin Birzle and his team of glass-blowing experts.  Each ROOR water pipe features the signature of its creator and all ROOR glass water pipes and accessories are blown to perfection from the finest quality borosilicate glass.

As early as in the mid-90s, the artisan Martin Birzle devoted himself to the creation of glass pipes. His expertise in the craftsmanship of glassblowing combines with his credo, never to manufacture mass products, but to create art objects. His philosophy: highest quality and best functionality with individual and appealing design.

His success proved his approach is right: the brand became firmly established in many head shops at home as well as abroad and stands out very distinctively from cheap low quality products.

As a four-time High Times Cup Winner, we regard our awards on international conventions as a motivation to stay true to our philosophy. Quite right, over the years, RooR built up a huge base of famous fans and friends: B-Real, System of a Down, Howard Marks and many more.