PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe
PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe
PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe
Baltimore Cannabis Dispensary
PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe
PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe
Cannabis Dispensary in Baltimore
Cannabis Dispensary in Maryland
PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe - GreenLabs
PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe

PypTek - Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Regular price $85.00

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe design is carefully engineered to fuse all the benefits of a premium glass pipe with the durability of Aircraft-grade Aluminum. The Prometheus construction delivers the authentic glass smoking experience you demand in one portable, rugged, and easy-to-clean system. 

The product comes fully assembled and includes an extra o-ring as well as pipe cleaners. All product exoskeletons are anodized 6-61 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum surrounding a replaceable borosilicate glass tube protected by shock-absorbing rubber gaskets.

The Pocket was designed to be a compact piece easy to take on the road. It’s super versatile because alongside being small it has the ability to house concentrate attachments too.

Our Pocket, like all of our pipes, features an all-glass smoking experience, it breaks down so it’s easy to clean, it has a screen that’s not under the flame so it’ll never affect the taste but blocks all those hot embers. Under the bowl there’s an expansion chamber to help with cooling your smoke, it has a medium carb for easy clearing. Its compact design has a comfortable grip.

Recognized by High Times as the best glass smoking pipe, VICE has featured this all-glass smoking piece as a key to a smoker-friendly vacationWhat’s in Your Pocket? an incredible, well-crafted experience you won’t regret purchasing.

PYPTEK was born and bred in Colorado. Each of our pieces is individually machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and all glass is custom-made by actual humans. From start to finish, PYPTEK products are made in the USA.

  • Anodized Aluminum Exoskeleton (6061 T-6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum)
  • High Quality
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Durable Design
  • Breaks Down
  • Easy to Clean
  • Replacement Glass Kit Available for Purchase
  • Ember Blocking Screen
  • Expansion Chamber to Cool Down Smoke
  • Six Rich Colors
  • Compact & Discreet
  • Portable
  • Silicone Shock-absorbant O-Rings
  • Save-A-Bowl Included
  • Original PYPTEK Prometheus Design
  • Made in the USA