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Linx Apollo - GreenLabs
Linx Apollo - GreenLabs

Linx Apollo

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The Linx Apollo is our most advanced and versatile device for the concentrates gourmets. Get ready to blast off with the purest vapor on-the-go or on any glassware. From microdosing to recreational sessions and from the comfort of your home to wherever you are going, the Apollo is the ultimate dabbing device.


- Control the temperature, toggle between 4 heat temps, and enjoy vaping your way.

- The patented quartz chamber delivers amazingly clean vapor and is easy to clean without an exposed coil.

- Compatible with male and female glassware (fits 14mm and 18mm downstems)  


1 2600mAH Linx Apollo Base
1 All Quartz Atomizer
1 Carb Cap
1 Glass Bubbler
1 Silicone Airflow Regulator
1 Silicone Airflow Sleeve
1 Tool
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Carrying Case
1 Male Water Pipe Adaptor (fits 14mm or 18mm downstem)