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Jerome Baker - 12'' Footed Beaker Water Pipe

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Jerome Baker 12'' Footed Beaker water pipe features glass on glass fittings, diffused downstem with 14mm male flower bowl and ice pinches. Each Jerome Baker Waterpipe comes with stamped "JBD" logo for authenticity.

Since 1991, Jerome Baker Designs has been at the forefront of design and creativity in the glass and canna industries. From humble beginnings in a cramped dorm room, to over 70 employees and a multi-building campus, JBD has grown and created a following in the glassblowing world, all done in very limited quantity pieces. His eagerness to learn and natural abilities to create impressive pieces led him to create blown glass artwork for celebrities, rock stars and sports figures. His biggest achievement was creating a piece for His Holiness the Dali Lama.