What's the Deal with Kief?

What’s the Deal with Kief?

So what’s the deal with kief? At GreenLabs, we often get asked what kief is or even how to use it. Check out below what kief is, how to use it, and where you can find it at GreenLabs.

What’s Kief?

Kief refers to the sticky crystal resin that coats cannabis buds. Kief is the powdery, golden dust that coats the outside of buds. Once the cannabis plant is harvested and dried, kief turns into a darker, usually gold to brown, power-like dusting that is popularly collected in grinders as it readily detaches from the buds when ground. Cannabis flower is covered in glands called trichomes that produce oils containing cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Kief is formed by the cannabis flower’s trichomes, the glands that secrete oils rich in compounds like THC, CBD, terpenes, and more. Also, it’s the fragrant terpenes that give cannabis its various aromas as well!

Because these trichomes are what become kief once the cannabis plant is harvested and dried, kief is highly potent. It’s often salvaged from grinders that have a “kief catcher”, a special chamber that collects kief as it breaks off buds. Kief is also the essential ingredient of hash, which is essentially tightly packed chunks of kief.


How to Use Kief

Kief that has broken off of cannabis buds has many uses!

  • Kief can be sprinkled onto a bowl of flower in your pipe or bong to make each hit a little more potent. (Tip: make sure you layer your kief in your pipe or bowl like a parfait.)
  • - Kief can be collected and compacted into hash using tools that press it together tightly
  • Kief can be used to make “moon rocks”, which are cannabis buds that have been dipped in cannabis oil and then rolled in kief for an extra potent smoke
  • Similarly, kief can be used to coat “twaxed” joints and blunts, which are dipped in oil for extra potency
  • Kief can be made into rosin concentrated using a rosin press, a tool that uses heat and pressure to squeeze oil out of cannabis or kief.
  • Kief also may be added to cannabis oil used for edibles for extra potency.

Where to Get Kief? 

Most people procure kief from a grinder with a “kief catcher.” This chamber in a grinder slowly collects kief from ground buds, and in time, a blanket of kief will form. Some grinders come with a tiny spatula-like scraping tool that allows you to easily scoop small amounts of kief from the chamber add it to a bowl of flower to smoke.

Don’t like to grind your own flower? At GreenLabs, we have kief for sale! We have strain specific kief if you’re looking to add more sativa, indica, or even a blend of hybrid to your flower.

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