Waste Not Want Not: Reusing Your Cannabis Packaging

Reusing Cannabis Packaging - CannasuppliesLet's learn how to make the green truly green. Read more on ways you as a patient are able to reuse your cannabis packaging.

As you may be aware, cannabis is one of the most highly packaged products you use on a regular basis. That's largely due to the state and local ordinances designed to reduce the possibility of young people accidentally having access to marijuana. Additionally, the packaging is in place to keep your cannabis as fresh as possible. But, that be problematic because some companies have to use non-recyclable packaging materials like mylar to be legally compliant.

Good news however! Here are some kinds of cannabis packaging are relatively easy to recycle:

Reusing Your Cannabis Packaging: Types You Can Recycle

  • Glass jars: Always recyclable! You can always recycle your glass jars, but make sure to check in your area!

  • Aluminum tins: Always recyclable along with other metal recycling! What's great about the tins so you can use them again! Learn more below. 

  • Uncoated paper boxes and paper materials: Can always be recycled along with cardboard and other paper materials.

  • Certain types of plastic: The standards for plastic recycling vary from city to city. Aside from the mylar 'exit bags', look closely at plastic cannabis packaging for a stamped number.

  • Cartridges: Most recycling plants if not all in the state of Maryland, you are able to recycle your cartridges just like you would to recycle a battery.

Reusing Your Cannabis Packaging: Types You Can Upcycle


In the sustainability world, "upcycling" means using what might ordinarily be trash to make something even better than it was! And that's a perfect way to think about the mylar bags that must legally accompany sales of cannabis products. Here are some great places to start:

Glass or Plastic Jars:

  1. You can reuse the packaging to hold your light trim flower! Light trim has a lot of properties that you can use. Learn more about light trim, and how to use it!

  2. You can get crafty by making candles! Perfect for the holiday season, or even for yourself. Celebrate your favorite strain in candle form!

  3. Have a green thumb? You can propagate your house plants but using the jars.

  4. If crafts or planting isn't for you, you can use the small storage to help keep you even more organized such as using to store hair ties, bobby bins, a toothbrush, hemp wicks, a lighter and so much more!

  5. If you travel often, you can store your jewelry or even small snacks like nuts in the jars as well! 

Aluminum Tins:

What's great about the tins so you can use them again! 

    1. You can easily use those tins to hold your cartridges, and if you make your own pre-rolls, you can store them.

    2. You can use the tins to carry a little travel size first- aid kit during your hikes or long walks.

    3. Love makeup or sprucing up on the go? You can travel with your favorite lipstick, small makeup brush, eyeshadow, blush, etc!

    4. A fun way to reuse the tins is to add small change! Perfect little tin carrying case when you need some change.

    Boxes / Packaging:

    What's great about the thick card stock is that you can use it in a lot of different ways! 

      1. You can easily use the cardboard to hold your favorite pair of earrings.

      2. You can create cute and creative bookmarks for the active reader in your life with leftover packaging boxes.

      3. You can also use these boxes to create personalized gift tags for any party or event.
      Upcycle Your Cannabis Packaging — Muskoka Grown

      There are several ways that you can reuse and even upcycle your cannabis packaging. Do you have a favorite way to upcycle your cannabis? Let our budtenders know! We are always looking to hear what works for you so we can better help others in the industry.

      Have packaging you don't want to recycle at home? We reuse our packaging here at GreenLabs! We use it for our display cases and some of our staff reuse the glass jars as much as possible.

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      • Brasco

        For those of us who don’t have children, can we convince the state of Maryland to agree to a cannabis packaging program that doesn’t provide mandatory packaging, or maybe go with a compostable packaging material or an alternate to plastic packaging? These cannabis containers are hard to open and a scary use of non-biodegradable plastic that is destroying the earth.

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