Top 7 Strains to Cozy Up With This Fall

The fall weather is upon us, and what better way to spend a crisp autumn afternoon than enjoying your favorite seasonal strain? Yes, you heard that right – strains are seasonal, just like an Oktoberfest lager, there are several different high-quality strains that are perfect to enjoy in the cool months of autumn. In part, this is because of the different growing aspects needed for certain strains. Learn more below on the top strains to cozy up with this fall.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights is a staple among cannabis enthusiasts, and it happens to be one of the most popular strains to enjoy in the early stages of fall weather. This strain provides its users with a super-relaxing high and is great to enjoy on a lazy autumn evening. It contains an earthy flavor with just a hint of spice that will most certainly remind you of the fall; no matter what time of year you enjoy Northern Lights. 

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is sure to spark some creativity. You’ll receive a euphoric head-high after smoking this one, and it’s a great pick-me-up for those who like to stay active in the cool fall weather.

It’s also great to smoke before curling up with a great book or finally getting around to writing that shirt story of yours. The spicy, woody aroma is also certain to remind the user of the crisp fall weather, so why not take a few puffs when the leaves turn?
Wedding Cake
Wedding season may be coming to a close, but Wedding Cake season is just beginning. This rising star strain has GSC and Cherry Pie lineage, which explains how it got all the good happy-uplifting-euphoria genes. With notes of tangy tart cherries in pastry crust, with a subtle pop of peppercorn, it’s a well-balanced indica hybrid. On a cool afternoon, enjoy this strain while you make a pot of apple cider on the stove. Better yet, add your favorite tincture to your apple cider!

Island Sweet Skunk x Sour Diesel
Warm up your bones with the Island Sweet Skunk x Sour Diesel! If you want to remember why you and cannabis became friends in the first place, try Island Sweet Skunk x Sour Diesel. If you’ve never tried Island Sweet Skunk x Sour Diesel, it’s an interesting strain. For one thing, the aromas you’ll experience will be earthy, herbal, and citrus notes. If you love the crisp autumn air, the flavor notes can be similar tasting to grapefruit and at other times, are similar to vanilla or butterscotch hard candy. Light your favorite fall candle and enjoy this strain while letting the cool fall air relax you and your mind!

Strawberry Cough
Did that pie turn out but not as expected? Did they run out of your favorite pumpkin spice drink? Or someone took the last fall themed blanket from the home goods store? Well you can kiss that goodbye with the Strawberry Cough strain! Strawberry Cough is an infamous strain in the cannabis industry. We highly suggest that if you ever see this strain at GreenLabs, to stock up! It’s a hard one to find. The strain is a great solution in times of elevated stress. Additionally, it’s known for its sweet smell of fresh strawberries and berry flavors that will capture your senses while the cerebral, uplifting effects provide an aura of euphoria. It will definitely leave a smile on your face as well!

Bubba Kush
Although there’s no Pumpkin Spice Kush out yet (thankfully), there are plenty of cannabis strains that carry the sweet and savory hints of fall drinks and dishes like spiced apples, coffee, and chocolate. Bubba Kush can help you get in the mindset for the season! Perfect for a crisp, fall evening, Bubba Kush has a distinct smell and taste that will remind you of autumn. The aromas you can expect from Bubba Kush are earthy, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. From head to toe, your muscles will ease, your mind will be clear of thoughts, that will crush stress while bringing happy moods. This indica strain is perfect during a fall afternoon to help you unwind and relax after a morning of apple picking and making sweet treats.

Ghost OG
We’re almost in the spookiest season, which is October, so we definitely couldn’t forget this strain! Ghost OG is a phenotype of OG Kush and is pretty incomparable when it comes to stress-relief. A strain bringing a beautiful balance of sativa and indica, Ghost OG is intense but allows you to be high-functioning so you can do all the spooky, scary, and autumn themed activities you love during this time of year! With Halloween right around the corner, you may need some inspiration on creating or deciding on your costume. This strain inspires creative and help relieve pain and alleviate stress!

You may be new to the idea of trying out new strains each season, but “seasonal strains” are indeed a real and important thing! If you’re feeling adventurous this seasons and want to try something new, we encourage you to give these 10 fall strains to try and cozy up to this fall and expand your repertoire. Have any questions about this strains or the best method to consume for your medical needs? We have the best highly trained budtenders on staff here at GreenLabs! We are always here to help you find the best medicine you need and to help answer any questions you have about cannabis!

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