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Strawberry Banana at GreenLabs 

Strawberry Banana

by Liberty

Summer is the season for blenders and chilled glasses filled with fresh fruit picked up from the farmer’s market. A refreshing and soothing experience on an oppressive Maryland summer’s day: that’s where our minds go when we get a whiff of Liberty’s Strawberry Banana flower. With two hybrid parents, Banana Kush and Bubblegum, this is an indica-dominant strain that nonetheless has some patients perking up.

In the pipe, vape, or cartridge, Strawberry Banana tastes sweet and creamy, not unlike the first foamy sips of a smoothie. When that distinctive banana flavor kicks in, it’s mellow and happy. Considering that the potassium in bananas is known to soothe the nervous system and boost energy and mood, this is a great choice for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, or muscle cramps. If you’ve ever had a potassium deficiency, you may have felt extremely fatigued, experienced muscle spasms or tightness, and your mood probably went south. In this state, creative activity or absorbing information is nearly impossible.

StrawberryBanana by Liberty

After trying this strain, patients report complete body relaxation, mood elevation, and even increased creative drive. These are hallmark effects of Banana Kush, and the cross with Bubblegum increases the sweet euphoria and relaxed focus that some patients enjoy when watching T.V. in the evening, reading a book, or making art.  

If you want a sweet, fruity summer strain with balanced relaxation effects, Strawberry Banana just may be the perfect choice.

Come by GreenLabs today and ask your budtender if this is the strain for you!

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    Very clean dispensary my budtender is always very helpful can’t beat the prices best in time

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