Staff Flower Pics for 420

The phrase ‘420’ has turned 50 this year and to celebrate this momentous anniversary, our budtenders have highlighted several of their favorite strains to help those that choose celebrate 420! Check out some of GreenLabs’ favorite strains below and place your order just in time for 420, but hurry! These strains go quickly.

A celebration just isn’t the same without cake. And we’ve got something even better - Birthday Cake. The Birthday Cake strain is a potent indica-hybrid strain that provides relaxing euphoric effects that calm the body and mind. This strain is known to help relieve symptoms associates with pain, insomnia and appetite loss – which is a great strain to use if you want to enjoy fun snacks on 420.

Need to kick back and relax? Look no further than Blue Cheese. It’s a highly recommended strain by our budtenders at GreenLabs. Blue Cheese is a perfect strain to celebrate 420 because the amount of limonene. Limonene is well known in the cannabis industry to help ease anxiety and stress, which gives you happiness and that stereotypical giggly high. We recommend trying Blue Cheese while watching your favorite comedy to relax and celebrate this holiday.

Another highly rated strain by our budtenders at GreenLabs, is the Mimosa strain is a hybrid strain made by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch. Mimosa has a strong aroma and flavor because of its’ high myrcene and pinene terpene profile. Although Mimosa may make you feel sleepy, with the additional limonene profile, you are also expected to feel relaxed and happy!

OG Lime Killer is one of the most sought after strains in Maryland, and we have it just in time for wake n’ bakin’ on 420. This sativa-dominat hybrid has little to no sleepy effects - It’s a great uplifting strain that is perfect for daytime. OG Lime Killer is also one of the highest testers we have at GreenLabs! 

Bubba Kush is a great strain for head to toe muscle ease that crushes stress while bringing happy moods for your 420. Bubba Kush is a well known indica strain that’s known for it’s heavy tranquilizing effects. It has a high percentage of caryophyllene with a supporting terpene profile of limonene and myrcene. 

Sour Diesel aka Sour D, is a sativa strain made with Chemdawg and SuperSkunk. If you don’t know by know, but anything with diesel in the name, will have a pungent flavor profile. But don’t let that scare you! Sour Diesel is known to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, and stress. Perfect for smoking those workday stresses on this 420 holiday. 

Our budtenders recommend DSCT. DSCT is unique because of its’ “tri-bred” mix of the three strains: Dark Star, Chemdawg, and Tangie. It’s a well known high-energy sativa strain that increases focus and has uplifting effects. Too cooped up in the house? Then DSCT will help spark some creativity to get your 420 day on the track.

Getting baked is something we enjoy, especially if pie is involved. Pie Crust is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain that has a pleasant flavor in the bud’s smoke that is reminiscent of a freshly baked pie. It also has boasting smells of citrus fruit. We recommend enjoying Pie Crust near the end of the day to give you a final boost of energy after you’ve gotten most of your pressing responsibilities out of the way.

Guava IX is one of our highest testers in a pure hybrid. It’s noted for it’s fruity and aroma which is great for anyone that has a sweet tooth! We highly recommend Guava IX because it’s a good strain to start the day with, so next time you make a visit for GreenLabs, ask for Guava IX to gear up for 420.

Another recommendation is the MK Ultra strain. MK Ultra is a indica strain that has a strong, fast-acting euphoric effect and it’s a great strain that’s used if you are someone who suffers from a lot of pain, as it’s best used as a strong medication. If you’re looking to end your night on a high note, look no further than MK Ultra. 

As always, if you have any questions about cannabis consumption, strains and potency level, ask one of our budtenders at GreenLabs! We are always happy to serve you. Check out our menu here to view our exciting deals and products we have in store for 420!

Enjoy, and we hope you choose to celebrate your 420 with us here at GreenLabs. Happy 420!

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