Mother’s Day Gifts for Cannabis Loving-Moms & Gifts for Yourself

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! It’s that time of the year again to find the perfect gift for the perfect mom. There are always chocolates, a gift card, and a bouquet – but doesn’t your mom deserve something a little more unique? Get your gifts from GreenLabs just in time for Mother’s Day.

Here are some of our top picks for the dopest mom ever: 

If Mom is a medical cannabis consumer, she will love our GreenLabs Cannabis Journal! Our journal aims to empower medical marijuana patients by helping them better understand and record the many important factors of the products they consume. Because we all know that Moms enjoy making lists, the GreenLabs Cannabis Journal is a great gift that will help put her questions to rest about her favorite strains, and to keep the information organized.

Another great gift for your Mom if she is a medical cannabis consumer is a unique glass piece. At GreenLabs, we have several options for smoking flower and even concentrates. We have exclusive glassware from Cheech & Chong and special designed glassware from Jerome Baker, Sheldon Black, and ROOR that any marijuana mama will love! Shop the smoking accessories, here or ask a budtender the next time you’re in GreenLabs.

Is your Mom a dab queen? Why not gift your mom with an excellent smoking experience? Treat her with a new vaporizer by Linx, the Ares and the Apollo. The Ares and the Apollo are the best vaporizers in the cannabis industry. The Linx Ares embodies portability and innovation. The Ares emphasizes fresh flavor and with the simplicity of the pen to dip in your favorite extracts, you will get a fresh hit each and every time. The next priced vaporizer is the Linx Apollo. It’s the most advanced and versatile device for concentrates gourmets. From microdosing to recreational sessions and from the comfort of your home to wherever your Mom is going, hopefully somewhere high.

Show off your love for cannabis and for GreenLabs. We have GreenLabs branded apparel that showcases cannabis in a fun way! We currently have two shirt options in stock: “I <3 My Budtender” and a GreenLabs themed shirt with a marijuana leaf. Better yet, get a shirt for you and your mom!

Need a last minute gift? We have plenty of smoking accessories that will fit any budget. Save your mom the hassle of rolling her favorite flower! Nothing says, “Thank you Mom for everything” than some rolling papers. Better yet, pair some rolling papers with a new grinder for your mom.

Are you a mom? We have some items below that we recommend to help you relax.


Gifts for Yourself

Flowers are always great, but the special ones are even better! Treat yourself to a new flower strain from GreenLabs to take a break. With quarantine, we know getting to brunch to meet friends hasn’t been the same. Bring the brunch to you! We recommend the Mimosa strain for the daytime. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid that’s a great strain that produces happy, level-headed effects that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated enough to tackle your day. 

If smoking flower isn’t your thing, and are looking to enjoy cannabis in discrete way, at GreenLabs, we have just the thing. Cartridges are a fantastic way to enjoy the smoking aspect of cannabis, but without the smell. Slay all day with the Rozay cartridge! Rozay is inspired by the bright, floral flavors you often find when drinking a glass or rose-but without the hangover. Also, Rozay will give you a heavy head high but your body will fell right at ease.

What’s better than taking a bath after a long day to unwind? THC infused bath salts of course. Are you the type that likes to unwind and take a bath after a hard day? For those that are looking to soak away discomfort, the Dixie Synergy Bath Salts may be the sublime solution. With 1:1 of 100mg CBD and 100mg THC, you can kiss back pain, and body aches goodbye. And if baths are not part of your routine, that is about to change.

Looking to have a spa day at home for Mother’s Day? Set the mood by lighting some candles, cue up your favorite playlist, and get yourself some Muscle Oil by Grassroots. Have a partner nearby? Ask your loved one to give you a massage with the muscle oil! After all, the day is all about you, isn’t it?

However you choose to celebrate Mother’s Day, we hope it’s a great day for you and your loved ones!

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