GreenLabs Staff Picks for January

Welcome to our newest blog series called GreenLabs Staff Picks! Each week on our social media, we highlight a product with a budtender in the hopes to further educate our patients.

We love sharing educational information on products to help keep everyone informed on new ways to medicate and with different products.

Check out the Staff Picks for January below!

January - Week 1

Strawberry Squeeze by Select at GreenLabs January Staff Pick 1

We're started off January's first Staff Pick of the Week with the Strawberry Lemonade Squeeze by Select. This is an beverage enhancer. It's a great way to use cannabis. Our budtender recommends you try an infused beverage because you're still able to gain the medical benefits needed, but in a discreet and flavorful way!


January - Week 2

Blood Orange Tumeric Curio Chews at GreenLabs January Staff Pick 2
Between the precise dosing and inspired flavor offered by gelatin-free Blood Orange Turmeric Medicated Chews, those looking to feel better may find what they need. Feeling better is the best. And gelatin-free Curio Medicated Chews, made using distillate oil with inspired flavors and thoughtful potencies for discreet and precise dosing, may help you get there. Happy Medicating! 🍊

January - Week 3

Jerry Garcia Handpicked at GreenLabs January Staff Picks 3

Chem Chillz by Jerry Garic Handpicked is wonderful. It's a great option for patients looking for a balanced hybrid that packs an extra destressing effect. Try out the Chem Chillz strain today for all your medicating needs! Also the container is lit.


January - Week 4

Chem De La Chem at GreenLabs January Staff Pick 4

Chem De La Chem always rises to the top. This strain offers a balanced and substantial head high with a rich, complex blend of sweet, earthy flavors. Need to stay focused in mid-afternoon or early evening? This is a great go-to for just that. Try out Chem De La Chem today! 💚





We hope we enjoyed our GreenLabs Staff Picks for January! Make sure you review our picks from the month and try some of our recommendations out. As always if you have any questions regarding products and how to consume, our budtneders are always here to guide you to make sure you're getting the proper care and attention you need.

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