GreenLabs Staff Picks for February

Welcome to our newest blog series called GreenLabs Staff Picks! Each week on our social media, we highlight a product with a budtender in the hopes to further educate our patients.

We love sharing educational information on products to help keep everyone informed on new ways to medicate and with different products.

Check out the Staff Picks for February below!

February - Week 1

Dixie Elixirs by Curio Wellness at GreenLabs


The Dixie Elixirs are easily a staff favorite. The Elixir Cap = Precise Dosing 💥
All Dixie Elixirs come with a resealable measuring dosage cap for easy, simple dosing every time! We got Cherry Limeade, Berry Lemonade, Half & Half, and Fruit Punch for all of your medicating needs.

February - Week 2

Golden Strawberry OH Cartridge by Curio Wellness at GreenLabs


The OH cart by Curio Wellness is made from their Golden Strawberry strain. The Golden Strawberry Strain strain like many others is helpful for reducing pain and stress. It's really known to help increase relaxation and arousal! If you're looking to really heat things up, try out the Golden Strawberry OH cart

February - Week 3

Lemon Honey Chews by Curio Wellness at GreenLabs

Lemon Honey will have you feelin' good as you should! The Curio Wellness' Lemon Honey 20:2 are a great choice for patients that are looking for an CBD dominant ingestible. Not only that, they taste really good!

February - Week 4

Pain Relief Balm + Pain Relief Lotion = a perfect duo. Two different formats, same powerful results. Both are equally helpful in nourishing the skin and with the cooling effects of menthol, they help to alleviate deep pain.

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