Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Reignited In Maryland

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The debate to legalize recreational marijuana is gaining momentum across Maryland.

Senate Bill 1039 would give Marylanders the chance to make recreational marijuana legal.  Under the bill people over the age of 21 could carry up to an ounce of marijuana. People could also grow up to six plants and also share small amounts.

If approved, Maryland would join nine other states where recreational marijuana is legal.

Lawmakers would have to approve the bill before Marylanders could vote on it.

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  • belle dushner

    That’s a good idea that recreational cannabis is legal now in California, I’m hoping in some states of America also and i think it much better if in our country as well. As i am one of the people who can’t live without marijuana. As i read here it should be legalized in other countries also because it helps us in many ways. like in medical purpose

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